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Around the Farm

Here are a few of our favourite places around the property.

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The Barns

The barns have been re-constructed with their original timber frames dating back to the 1800s. They stand over 30ft high, each with a classic red roof.

The Vineyard

On the drive in, you'll see row upon row of grape vines. This is the foundation of our wine-making process - it starts with the winter pruning, summer sunlight into grapes, and fall harvest into wine.

The Arbour

Say “I do” overlooking the 16 Mile Creek under the hemlock arbour and allow your guests to enjoy nature’s breathtaking backdrop. A ceremony site  that changes with the seasons!


The Orchard

Within walking distance of the main barn, there is easy access to the orchard - take a stroll, take some photos, or maybe just take a pear to enjoy!

The Bridal Cottage

This is the perfect hideaway pre-ceremony and to have throughout your wedding day. This quaint cottage is finished with whitewashed pine walls, the original rustic floors, and elegant crystal chandelier lighting.

The Dock

One of many great spots around the property for wedding photographs, taking in the view of 16 Mile Creek, or enjoying a glass of wine.

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